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Federal Judge Denies Sweat Lodge Request

A federal judge has ruled against a Northern Arapaho man's claim that Wyoming prison officials improperly denied him access to a sweat lodge for religious purposes at the state prison in Torrington. Andrew John Yellowbear Jr. is serving a life sentence in state prison in the 2004 beating death of his daughter, 22-month-old Marcela Hope Yellowbear. U.S. District Judge Alan B. Johnson has dismissed Yellowbear's civil rights lawsuit on the sweat lodge issue. Yellowbear filed the lawsuit last year claiming that prison officials said they could not allow him to participate in sweat lodge ceremonies at the Torrington prison.

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Incident on I-80

I-80 just west of Green River was shut down for a couple of hours Monday afternoon following a truck accident. The Wyoming Department of Transportation says the eastbound lane was closed from the Covered Wagon exit near Rolling Green Country Club to exit 89 on the west side of Green River. Traffic was diverted through Jamestown, and then back on to the interstate at milepost 89 on ramp. At 11 Monday morning, a tanker semi-truck rolled over, crossing lanes of traffic.