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Rawlins Reservoir Gets New Liner

A reservoir that supplies water to the city of Rawlins is getting a new lining to help reduce leakage that has occurred since the reservoir was built in the late 1970s. City officials have estimated the Atlantic Rim Reservoir loses 150,000 gallons of water a day. The reservoir has been drained while workers install the lining. The project should be done by mid-July, at which point the reservoir will be refilled with water from the North Platte River. Water treatment superintendent Danny Rodriguez says sediment will be given time to settle to the bottom before the city uses the water.

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Fire Evacuation Notices Lifted

Residents who fled their homes near the wildfire at Guernsey State Park in southwest Wyoming are being allowed to return to their homes. However, the park remains closed. Thanks to ideal weather conditions and a heavy dose of water dumped from helicopters, firefighters have gained 80% containment of the fire. It was 20% contained on Monday. The fire, which has burned about four square miles, started Saturday and forced the evacuation of hundreds of campers and park users. While one private vacation cabin was lost, firefighters were able to protect the park facilities.

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