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Lets Talk Show January 30th : Senator John Barrasso

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Legislature Endorses Bill to Keep Public in Dark on College President Search

A legislative committee has endorsed a bill that would allow searches for University of Wyoming and state community college presidents to be closed to the public.

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Low Unemployment Rate

The economy in Sweetwater County continues to look strong as the un-employment rate continues to be one of the lowest in Wyoming. According to the Wyoming Department of Workforce services, Sweetwater Counties un-employmet rate in December stood at 4.2 percent, the same as November, and down from 4.5 percent at the same time last year. The workforce in the county is over 24,800, down slightly from November. The statewide un-employment rate stood at 5.0 percent. The national rate is 7.6 percent. The lowest rate in the state continues to be Sublette county, at 3.6 percent. The highest rate is Teton county at 7.3 percent.