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Body of Senators Brother Found

The body of James "Randy" Udall has been found. He is the brother of Colorado Senator Mark Udall. Sen. Mark Udall's office released a statement from the family Wednesday night saying the 61-year-old's body had been found. The family says that while an autopsy is forthcoming, it appears he died of natural causes. An aerial search team spotted Udall's body in open terrain. He was found lying on his side. The family says Udall died doing what he loved most: hiking his favorite mountain range in the world. He had indicated to his wife he planned to head for the scenic Titcomb Basin. His family says it appears he was on the obscure, off-trail route that he had proposed to his family.

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Firework Fines

With the city firework show scheduled for dusk, many residents will look to get the celebrations started early with fireworks of their own. Police Chief Steffan advises against this if you want to stay out of trouble. All ground and aerial fireworks are illegal inside of City of Green River limits, punishable by a $220 fine. Chief Steffan says its a safety measure not an attempt to quell the fun.

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Wyoming Invasion : Preventing Invasive Species

Preventing aquatic invasive species from establishing populations in Wyoming waters sounds like a daunting task, considering invasive mussels have been detected in neighboring states such as Utah and Colorado, and in water just 60 miles from the Wyoming border. 
However, Regina Dickson is up to the challenge. Dickson’s enthusiasm for and dedication to her job is obvious. After working as a technician for two summers, Dickson is in her third year, now a crew leader in the Wyoming Game and Fish Departments Aquatic Invasive Species (