Green River Citizens Honored by Chamber of Commerce

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Green River Citizens Honored by Chamber of Commerce

The Green River Chamber of Commerce 2013 Award winners have been announced, the categories include Distinguished Citizen award, Outstanding Citizen Award, Volunteer of the Year, and Red Carpet Award Winner of the year.

The Distinguished Citizen award went to Judy Grahm from the Krazy Moose for her 29 years teaching special needs students in school District #2, volunteer work with the YWCA among other accolades.


The outstanding citizens for 2013 award went to Carol and Eric Aldinger for their 5 years of volunteer work at the Flaming Gorge Information Center.

Volunteer of the year went to Marie Colestock of Green River Realty for her work with United Way, March of Dimes, the salvation army, and the chamber itself.

Last but not least the red carpet award was presented to Paul Helvik and Kelli Lennon of Green River Imports Plus for their above and beyond customer service helping a couple from Austria fix their broke down truck in time to reach their departure location on time.


The awards were presented by Chamber Executive director Rebecca Briesmaster, and plaques were received by the winners.