High Fire Danger

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The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) High Desert District (HDD) is warning the public that the fire danger rating for southern Wyoming is high and urges extreme caution for those recreating on public lands.

Sweetwater, Carbon, Albany, Uinta and Laramie counties are experiencing energy release component (ERC) levels approaching 90 percent and higher. The ERC scale relates fuel energy potential to an area and these levels have not been seen since the summer of 2002. Fuels located below 7,500 feet in elevation are highly susceptible to fire due to lower snow accumulation, early snow melt and unseasonably warm weather. HDD Fire Management Officer Frank Keeler states, “The lack of spring moisture has stunted most new growth for this year; however, the previous two years of grass growth is still there and very ready to burn.” 

Keeler requests that the public be very diligent in maintaining campfires within fire rings and making sure they are 100 percent out by touching the coals with their hands. All agricultural burns should also comply with local government permitting and notification policies. Please report wildfires immediately to 911 or the Rawlins Inter-agency Dispatch Center at 1-800-295-9953.