Pheasant Hunters

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Wildlife officials with the Lander Regional Office of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department are alerting pheasant hunters that there will be no pheasants released on November 29.

Lander Region Wildlife Supervisor Jason Hunters says the Sheridan Bird Farm will not be providing pheasants for release on November 29, 2011 for the Sand Mesa and Ocean Lake Wildlife Habitat Management Areas (WHMAs).

“Traditionally, we have pheasant hunters travel to these WHMAs from several areas around the State, including Casperand Rock Springs,” Hunter says. “Some pheasants that would have normally been released on our WHMAs will be used for "brood stock" at the Downar Bird Farm near Yoder.”

In May, WGFD personnel confirmed the presence of cecal worms in pheasants at the Downar Bird Farm. They also discovered Chlamydiophila psittaci, which causes the disease psittacosis. To help contain the diseases and prevent future outbreaks, department personnel euthanized approximately 1200 pheasants from the farm's brood stock and destroyed all unhatched eggs and euthanized all chicks.