Photo Rules



1.      Contest runs from June 4th to August 28th, 2014

2.      Contestants can start uploading pictures June 4th, 2014, and voting will begin July22nd through August 28th, 2014

3.      All contestants submitting photos must be of amateur status meaning; that they have never sold previous works of their photography to the general public

4.      All photos must be taken in Wyoming

5.      Photos can be of any kind i.e. landscapes, action shots, portraits, etc.

6.      All photos must be submitted through our website

7.      Multiple photos can be submitted by one party i.e. if you snap multiple photos you can upload all of them but you can only win once

8.      Contest is open to Wyoming Residents who reside in Sweetwater, Uinta, Sublette, Lincoln, and Carbon counties

9.      Winners of the photo contest will be determined by the top 3 photos from different parties receiving the most votes up the conclusion of the contest on August 15th 2013

10.  In the event of a tie the winner will be determined by The Radio Network staff

11.  Any and all questions regarding the rules and guidelines of the contest can contact Ryan at The Radio Network by calling 875-6666, 362-6746, or 1-800-254-5847.