Plan Before You Buy Leftover Liscences

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Plan Before You Buy Leftover Liscences

The draws for Resident Elk, Deer and Antelope, and Nonresident Deer and Antelope licenses was completed in mid-June. As is usually the case, a number of areas have licenses remaining, but many of the license types are valid only on private lands and hunters need to do some planning and research before purchasing a leftover license.
Hunters should be aware that many leftover Type 6 and 7 licenses come with specific limitations that a person should be aware of and plan for,” said Green River Wildlife Supervisor Steve DeCecco. “Some of these areas have restricted portions of the hunt area where people can and can’t hunt, some are private lands only, or there might be other access restrictions to be aware of. A person really needs to plan before purchasing the license and license holders should be very aware of the limitations and then plan for that.”
Full-price leftover licenses have been available to buy via home computer, automated license agents, or at Game and Fish regional offices since July 10. Reduced-price licenses for cow/calf elk and doe/fawn antelope and deer have been available since July 17. Some of the hunt areas have reasonable public access either through public federal and state lands or the Game and Fish hunter management and walk-in area programs. There are also many licenses remaining in hunt areas that are predominantly private lands where public access is difficult. Hunters are advised to obtain permission from landowners before applying for licenses in private land areas.
A complete listing of the areas with licenses remaining for each species is found on the Game and Fish website