Rocky Mountain Power Raises Rates

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Higher bills on the way…again. Rocky Mountain Power is requesting a rate hike for the sixth year in a row, citing the need to cover rising electricity costs, growth, pollution control, and transmission and power plant maintenance. The Wyoming Public Service Commission is holding a public hearing this week (Friday, in Casper) to hear the customers’ side of the story. A-A-R-P Wyoming is one of the groups intervening in the case. State director Tim Summers says the original 62-million dollar increase is now down to about 50-million.


The Wyoming Office of Consumer Advocate has recommended R-M-P is entitled to a rate hike of about 15-and-a-half million dollars. Wyoming Industrial Energy Consumers is another one of the groups intervening in the case. Summers says these increases year-after-year hit lower-income residents of all ages the hardest, and create situations where Wyomingites have to choose between paying their utility bills or buying basics, such as food and medications. A-A-R-P and other groups have suggested the company do some long-term planning to avoid an annual rate hike process.

Rocky Mountain Power would like the increased rates to go into effect in October.