Sweetest Thing



Chet Hansen:

My wife is the best ever and this story will prove it. We  live in Rock Springs but both of our families live in Salt Lake, so we go down there to visit about once every 2 months or so. A few years ago we were planning a short trip down to Salt Lake for father’s day. Most of the time when we go down we go on my long change from work, so I work Thursday day shift and get off around 630 pm so my wife will get our stuff all packed up so when I get home we can jump in the car and leave right away. So this trip for me was normal and went just this way I got home got in the car and we went. On the way down my wife got a call from her mother she then told me that her brother who had recently returned from a mission with our church had a friend sending him a large trunk and asked us if we could go pick it up from the airport for him, we had no plans for that night so I said sure. 
So we get to my in laws house and after taking the kids inside we jump in my mother in laws car because it was bigger to hold the trunk. As we pull up to the front of the airport I get out and say well where do we pick up this thing, so I'm looking around and then turn to see my wife pulling our luggage out of the back of her mother’s car and give her a hug, so I say what’s going on, then my wife walks over to me and said lets go we need to get on the plane. In total shock at this point I say where are we going, she says Florida. Now I must stop here and tell you that I lived in Florida for a year before we got married I wanted to stay there she did not so we moved back to Utah before we got married and at the time of this story we had been married for 9 years and had 3 kids we also never did have a honeymoon. 
So, back to the airport where I am still wondering around in a daze. So I start asking about details of how this was possible and found out she had been hording money for this trip for some time and had made all the arrangements including sitters for the kids and planes to do all the things I love to do down there in all my favorite places in Florida. Then I started asking if she packed this or that for me and found out she did not forget anything she even brought my pistol which I don't go anywhere without and made all the arrangements for transporting it. On the flight she lays out more of the details of the trip which is 3 days in Orlando with tickets to both of the Universal Studios, which I love and then 2 days in Coco Beach in a hotel right on the beach which she knows is also my favorite beach. So we get to Orlando and get our rental car and go to the hotel and begin our first honeymoon 9 years later with one little surprise after another. I will only briefly mention all of the love making…. So after 5 days of living this dream we had to come home and I'm still talking about it 4 years later, I don't know how anyone could top a surprise like that. And that's just one of the reasons my sweetheart is the best in the world.
Brandon Stewart:

On my 29th birthday my girlfriend threw me quite the surprise party with all my family and friends. I thought that was really sweet but at the end of the party the entire group was told to pick teams because we had one more game to play. She had planned a very elaborate scavenger hunt around town with a series of clues each a little more complex. It was a blast racing my friends and family around town, stopping at all my favorite spots in a game tailored to me, trying to be the first team to finish first for a prize. 

Turns out the prize was only for me which was a piñata full of my favorite hot sauce packets "fire sauce" which she had been saving for a couple months. That may seem odd but just goes to show how well my sweetheart knows and accepts me for all my quirks and how much thought and planning it took to pull it off. The only downfall was that she couldn't accompany me on this quest of awesomeness because she was in the background greasing the wheels so to speak keeping things moving smoothly. It was truly amazing and ill never forget it.

Sara Hamilton:

After nineteen years of marriage, I had mentioned to my husband how it would be nice to renew our vows on our twentieth, knowing my husband I never thought in a million years he would do it. As we talked about it he joked and told me that married people do not renew their vow at twenty years of marriage. Making me kinda upset I just dropped the subject. We went on as a regular day on our nineteenth. Behind my back he had my oldest daughter and some other family members plan out a renewal for our twentieth. I never even caught on. They sent invites, ordered a cake, rented the pavilion, being sneaky my daughters talked me into buying a nice outfit, well for a fake dinner my husband had told me were going to. The whole time I was wondering why some of my family and friends were avoiding me. They were avoiding me for about 5 months. I guess some have a hard time keeping secrets. 
It was a Saturday, my youngest daughter and niece told me that I had to get dressed due to having dinner in a few hours, I was honestly irritated, BUT I went along with it. I went and dressed up made sure I was ready, walking out of my room I noticed that they were dressed up to. I started asking questions. My daughter told me that I had to be blind folded. Again irritated I said OK! They put me in her car. I was really trying to figure out what was going on, wondering where they were taking me.
Remember I can't see. They come to a stop after about a four minute ride. My mind was racing; they get me out of the car. One on each side, I walk in, they stand me still, take off the blind fold, BAM my mom, my dad, my sister, my brother, and my friends all starring at me, ALL I can do is cry as I look forward there stands the man of my dreams, the man that I love with all of me, the man of my four wonderful kids, I am in shock, don't know to move or faint! I walk up to meet my husband and renew our vows! Not only did he pull this off, he also pulled off a honey moon. I work for the school district and he called my boss behind my back had days off scheduled for the two of us to fly away for a four day get away! Again, I have been with this man for twenty two years, never in a million years I thought he would do this for me, let alone family members backing him up on it.
I have to say a big thank you to my daughter for helping him on this also, she worked hard getting things done! They all did this right under my nose, I am usually the type, and well I guess you could call me a nosy person. I look back and wonder how they pulled it off. I love the fact they all did it, love the fact that my husband listened to me and really does have a heart. I love him to the moon and back...
Ashlie Doust:
The sweetest thing he's ever done. Is started crying when we were saying our vows when we got married on august 23rd 2012. That was the best day of my life. Not only did I marry my best friend, but I got to share that moment with our families and my 3 year old son. Honestly that was the sweetest thing. I’m a sucker for a man who will cry :).
JaNell Tanner:
My Husband was in the Marines for a while so the only contact we usually had was phone or internet. I missed him terribly and just wanted him to come home. I got really sick and was living with my parents, while he was deployed in Japan. He sent me flowers almost every week to make me feel better. When he finally did get to come home he was by my side whenever he could be. I just remember glowing and smiling whenever I got those flowers. I didn't really realize how much he loved and cared for me until I needed him the most. Now that he's home and I'm no longer sick he still tries to send me flowers every week just to see my smile.
Kimmie Felderman:

My name is Kimmie and my fiancé's name is Warren. This is the story of how he proposed to me. On December 19th, I received a call while at work from my daughter. She told me that my granddaughter wanted me to go to the Mall and have a Caricature Drawing made with her as part of her Birthday gift. Her 5th Birthday was Dec. 20th, the next day. I generally don't refuse my granddaughter anything.

I went home as planned and was cooking dinner when Warren came upstairs. I explained as soon as I ate I had to go out to the Mall to have the drawing done. Knowing I have a terrible time driving in the dark he said he'd bring me.

Promptly at 7:00 as planned, we met my daughter and granddaughter at the Mall entrance and made our way to the center of the Mall where a gentleman was drawing Caricatures. At this time my granddaughter said she wanted “Papa” Warren in the picture too. We took a seat in the three chairs that were set up facing the artist and patiently sat while he drew the picture. Several people strolled by and many stopped to watch the drawing develop, which was out of our view, with my daughter updating us on its progression. Soon there were about a dozen people standing watching the caricature being drawn. I remember thinking that he must be very good, by the crowd that was 
congregating or perhaps some of them were simply in line to have their own Portrait done. When the artist completed his work he unclipped the drawing and turned it around for me to see. The drawing was a Caricature of me standing and Warren on one knee with a ring in a box. The wording at the top 
of the picture said “Will you marry me?” Right at that moment, Warren dropped down on one knee, produced a velvet box and asked me to Marry Him.

The entire scenario was planned without me having any idea at all what was transpiring. What a wonderful way to ask!!!!! Of Course I said YES!!! Apparently, the first thing the artist had drawn on the paper was the wording at the top............that’s what drew the crowd...........and I sat there clueless.

Laura Fillingim:

A Gift of Life:

I always knew that our marriage was special. Thirteen years after our marriage and five kids later it became financially necessary that I acquired a job. The job that I took was a janitorial position which forced me to work very late nights from 7 in the evening until 2 A.M. One night as I was returning home I was greeted by my husband in the garage who was dressed in a suit and tie. He led me into the kitchen where I found my three oldest children in their Sunday best waiting for me. They had prepared a candle light dinner. It was things like this that showed me how much my husband loved me, but it wasn’t until five years later that he showed me his undying love.
I had become terminally ill while facing a life threatening hereditary disease. My right kidney had collapsed my right lung. Doctors encouraged me to start looking for a possible kidney donor. There were three volunteers that stepped forward; my husband being the first option. Despite his unusual 
phobia of needles, needless to say, he overcame that fear and was tested for a match. The doctors came back with the results and they were positive, three out of the six antigens matched!
Weeks later I began to find each breath harder to take as my kidneys became even larger still. It became necessary that both of my kidneys were removed, and I was put on dialysis. However my body did not respond well to this treatment and it was imperative that I receive a transplant. My husband thought long and hard about the decision. There were many outside influences opposing the plan. Finally he decided to go on with the operation again facing his intense terror of needles.The sweetest thing that he has ever done is given me the chance to raise my children. He has given me at least nine more years to my life and many more to come.
Chelsey Cloward:
My fiancé, Jessie Shelton, and I had been dating a year and a half when we decided to buy a white Labrador puppy. We found little Neko on KSL at 4 pm one Saturday afternoon and his mom and I jumped in her mustang and drove to Tooele, UT to pick him up before someone else could buy him.
We arrived back in Rock Springs around 12 am. I was exhausted but my little Neko was scared. Jessie went to bed and I stayed up until around 4 with the pup. I then was up every twenty minutes (by alarm) to check on him after he had finally fallen asleep. At 8 I got up and fed him and took him for a walk through the yard. By noon me and Neko were tuckered out again. I laid down on the floor so he would feel safe and be able to take a nap.
After about twenty minutes of nap time Jessie woke up me and told me Neko had pottied on the floor in our bedroom while I was sleeping last night. When I went in the bedroom I didn't find a mess, instead I found a diamond ring on top of Neko's bed. Jessie proposed to me and I said yes! I asked him "Why now?" (I thought for sure he'd pick an event - birthday or something like that) and he said
"I've been wanting to marry you for so long and after seeing you with our puppy, I can't wait to see you with our kids."
This happened July 1st 2012 and we will be married June 15, 2013.
Sandy Tuft:
I am lucky enough to have been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 41 years. My story demonstrates the dedication and commitment that my husband has shown during that time.
In October 2006 Dal (the sweetheart in this story) was hunting south of Rock Springs on Iron Mountain. He shot an elk and in the process of cleaning it managed to flip his wedding ring off of his hand. He looked and looked but could not find the ring. With darkness approaching he taped a sandwich bag to a tree branch to mark the spot and then proceeded to fill garbage bags and the back of his truck with snow, dirt and sticks from the area. He spent hours that night melting the snow and sifting thru the debris but to no avail. Over the years Dal returned to the spot many times and always came up empty handed. 
Last July while on a camping trip to the Gorge we decided to go poke around the mountain. We had a metal detector this time and meant to get serious! We (Dal, our son Ozzie, myself and our granddaughter Mable)got out of the truck, found the sandwich bag, turned on the metal detector and with only a few swipes it beeped. Ozzie picked up a flat rock and scraped it across the ground and after digging down about 2 inches there shining as if it were brand new was the wedding band! Needless to say there was shouting, laughing and just a few tears shed. Dal's persistence and his reluctance to give up have gotten us thru a lot these last 41 years and it just goes to show there 
can be gold at the end of the rainbow.


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in 136 times. That's a 88 percent success rate on 45 attempts per season. None of the six players with at least 45 attempts since 2010 to win more than 83 percent of the time. Rickey Henderson never level in more than three years, 86 percent of his entire career. The highest level of performance baseball seem to have built impressive streaks. Basestealing Crisp in recent years, there are two notable. From July 10, 2011, through June 21, 2012, Crisp stole 36 bases in a row without rain. Ignore pickoffs creeping consecutive Crisp in the August 2012 and encompasses 15 other stolen. (Catcher only stop Crisp in 2012 was

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Jose Lobaton.), high levels of activity leave us motives and funny. How is that Crisp-level skills in the 74 percent achieved before 2010 turned into a thief and the best scorer in the league? There are speed-like Billy Hamilton, a Henderson-like stagger and hubris *, or something else? I watched every Crisp's stolen base attempt in 2012 in an effort to find out. Previous plan was to write descriptions of attempts during her pitcher and Catcher, and to assign blame to one slow in the battery. But when they finished in the final after 10 stolen bases Crisp on years (I worked for went), it was clear that the

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medical care. Topic of the February 2014 issue of the medical toxicology and one of the 11 articles in this review, written by a doctor in intensive care specialist with interest and clinical toxicology, focusing on acid-base disturbances that may the patient has been poisoned. Given the general article serves to remind that the results of blood gas abnormalities can be caused by a variety of major drugs / toxins, and it is often convenient to apply arterial blood gas

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In the past, people just use sample fishing tools, they also use a boat go out for fishing, but they just rowing the boat by hands, so they just can fishing in the shallow sea and can not fish a lot of fishes, because they can not go to the deep sea without Yamaha Outboard Engines.The fishes for fisherman is less and less day by day in the shallow sea, because can not fish fishes, fisherman’s income become less and less. In such a situation, fisherman think of new fishing tools to fish more fishes, Yamaha Outboard Motor enters their eyes, they fit the outboard engines to their boats, with which they can go to the deep sea and fish more fishes and big fishes.Fisherman also fit Suzuki Outboards and Honda Outboard to their boats, these two type outboard motors also very useful like Yamaha.With Suzuki Outboard Marine fisherman’s income is higher and higher.

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Pourquoi les portefeuille guess de marque devraient être choisis plutôt que ceux sans marque ? De nombreux e-porte monnaie guess offrent meilleurs de marque du monde à l'acheteur un en ligne qui veulent être une spéciale dans la société , avec des prix plus durables . Si vous voulez une marque de portefeuille de haute qualité , sac guess est le bon endroit pour le faire . Le Portefeuille guess Nation est l'un des meilleurs magasins en ligne pour les sac guess de marque haut des hommes . Ici vous pouvez acheter des guess de marques multiples de plus de 400 marques et comprend des styles qui ne peuvent être trouvés nulle part ailleurs. Les différents types comme pliante , pliée en trois , et les marques de sac a main guess sont disponibles et affichés à la page d'accueil dans la catégorie sage que le portefeuille des hommes , concepteur , pochette nouveauté , pinces à billets , sac guess et les meilleures ventes . Vous pouvez également choisir comme , par type de portefeuille , par prix , par couleur , par matière première qui sert à fabriquer les montre guess . Il fournit des guess de marque de bonne qualité à des prix raisonnables . Porte-monnaie nations coupons en ligne et code de réduction peuvent vous aider à obtenir plus de rabais sur ses prix de sac guess . Une pochette chic améliore toujours la personnalité d'un homme . Un homme s'habille correctement, mais ne portant pas de portefeuille et prend de l'argent de sa poche laisse une très mauvaise impression sur les autres . En plus d'être un accessoire de style , un portefeuille contribue également à suivre l' argent. Il agit également comme un support de carte pour garder les cartes de crédit montres guess, cartes de débit , cartes de visite , etc. Il ya une grande variété de porte-monnaie de normaux à ceux de créateurs . Matériel varie également . Portefeuille guess en cuir sont considérées comme les plus préférés . Homme recherche ce cuir guess parce que ce non seulement donne un look chic et élégant , mais sont aussi durables mêmes . Il ne sera pas gâté , même après avoir été en contact avec la pluie ou soleil. Cuir noir est généralement utilisé pour la fabrication de pochettes élégantes montre guess femme . Cuir de différents animaux est utilisé pour la fabrication de ces montres guess . Certains d'entre eux sont vache qui est la plus courante , autruche , crocodile , et stingray.All ces portefeuille guess viennent dans une variété de styles et de couleurs ainsi . http://www.france-guess.net/

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Vos designers GUESS ingénieux sont très grandes à ajouter petit ornement pour indiquer un design et un style assez facile une star de la mode brillant montre guess. Plissés, drapés, paillettes , des haricots, des glands et des boucles sont en général parfaitement l'habitude d'être , un reflet brillant élégant et novateur appearance.The style standard est produite à partir dim brun luxuriante en cuir à base ornée de petits roux GUESS distribuent à la conception . Aujourd'hui, le portefeuille le plus favori sans aucun doute la Pochette qui est sûrement un nouveau design chic pour figurer sur votre choix de style et faire une affirmation de conception comme certainement pas avant . Ce genre de Guess portefeuille a beaucoup de confort pour l'homme ou des revendications des femmes et vous devez également effectuer un démarrage en les regardant à l'occasion vous devez impressionner . J'ai souvent l'impression , montre guess pas cher vous pouvez sélectionner l' un favorisé de nombreuses femmes charmantes sac a main guess. When gens décider pour acheter des produits de renom , ils ont généralement leurs variables . Comme, lorsque vous décidez à acheter un portefeuille de la collection de Guess pour les femmes , vous devriez avoir vos variables personnelles . Guess montre est une marque populaire dans le monde entier , toutes les dames qui vont de la mode veulent pour posséder un portefeuille ou un montre guess fabriqués par cette société . Tout d'abord , Guess sac pour les dames faites par du matériel de haute bien sûr , il est durable . Ensuite, le type de sac a main guess ont originalité incroyable , le style est intéressant, guess c'est vraiment extraordinaire et accord faisant usage de la tendance de produits de trend.A portefeuille est un accessoire essentiel pour les hommes de porter des choses importantes comme les billets de banque , permis de conduire , cartes d'identité , cartes de crédit etc chaque jour. Alors , ils essaient toujours d'obtenir le meilleur celui qui semble élégant et élégant avec plus commode pour transporter des choses sac a main guess . Daily dernières créations de sacs guess sont à venir dans les marchés de plusieurs marques . Ayant une grande demande pour les achats en ligne ,boutique guess ont également commencé à fournir divers types de porte-monnaie des plus grandes marques du monde exclusivement masculin . http://www.france-guess.net/

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Supposons que vous avez vécu dans la roche, Mais le sac à main desigual est incontestablement une déclaration tendance offrant un vaste choix à la tendance pour beaucoup moins. plus étonnant de sorte que vous pouvez accomplir ce porte-monnaie desigual de créateur épidictique. Comment dur peut-il être? Comme vous le pliez le cuir, Ceux-ci peuvent éventuellement contenir des anneaux et boucles métalliques vitaux. De payer pour un porte-monnaie desigual qui pourraient ne pas être unique peut être à la place décevant et au lieu peu coteuse. Ceci en dépit du fait qu'ils utilisent des matériaux de belle qualité et emploient coutures impeccables et des composants sur leurs Sacs desigual. Sacs périmés sont donnés à des amis proches Sans doute un scénario gagnant-gagnant. Si jamais vous tirer les suivants sacs à main desigual de créateur, Le sacs desigual est généralement produit relatif à des mesures, Prendrez en compte l'organisation de votre manteaux desigual. Le regard est toujours quelque chose à vous donner quelque sac desigual nouveau pour la saison à choisir le changement. Un certain nombre de types les plus uniques de cuir sont également utilisés pour la fabrication de sac desigual.plus puissants en rapport avec fierté posséder la plupart de ces transporteurs faux car ils sont généralement diminué excellent. ont été en grande demande. à vrai dire il n'y pas de plus merveilleux que quelques sacs. que ce soit des tenues.Ils sont la toute première option pour tous les Sacs desigual. Il existe normalement une liste d'attente chaque année pour le sac desigual fait par les designers les plus efficaces. Pour effectuer, et je pense à la fois ta mère et l'amant sera heureux de recevoir ces types de dons qui sont élégant et pratique pour une utilisation quotidienne. vous aurez beaucoup de plaisir à la poussière et à gérer leurs mains à travers ce sac desigual pas cher fabuleux de authentique. Méfiez-vous également de toute personne qui fournit de vérifier votre sac à main desigual ou des biens dans un vestiaire, les examiner dans un endroit sr vous. On complimente également de la marque de sac à main. sac à main desigual pas cher disposant en différentes couleurs desigual qui est fait de peau de python or est vendu à 36 000 dollars. chaussures. vente privée desigual de fabrication dépend de ce que vous voulez le sac pour compléter à quelle variété de desigual boutique contenus qui pourraient être utilisés pour le créer. http://www.tymitech.com/

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louis vuitton outlet You are the brain specialist? Bird asked. No, not my gynecologist. False eye doctor Corrections said, but the questioning of the bird and not enough to damage his majesty. Our hospital is no brain surgeon, but the symptoms clear! Hernia certainty to stab a needle out of the overflow from the brain tumor spinal fluid examination, even more clearly, but to put it it bluntly, brain acupuncture of carelessness, it's terrible, so without change to the university hospital I was Obstetricians to meet the herniation baby this case, too fluke. would like to be able to see for themselves the anatomical surgery you must be in favor of the anatomy? now so bluntly about this matter, may make you unpleasant, right? hey However, this experience will be for the medical sciences progress of your child's anatomy, will help children suffering from cerebral hernia is likely for governance! little more frank, for this child, for you and your wife, I think this child early child was dead, of course, infants with this disorder, it was also somehow optimistic attitude, but I still feel that early child died happy, which may be on behalf of the different age because of it, I was born in 1935, you ? I was that age. Suddenly, the birds a chance to put their Lifetime accurately translated into the Gregorian calendar. So, it is very painful, right? We of this generation? No, I mean the things of the children. The problem is that the meaning of the word pain you child vision, hearing, smell, etc. are not the words of Dean, you think about it, is like a plant like you think plants pain. ? Birds silent pondered. I have considered the pain of the plant? I think goat chewing cabbage pain? How you want, plant-like baby pain? The doctor with great spirit repeated questioning.
louis vuitton handbags This idea birds pulled out from just fall into the unfortunate step. Birds making significant strides through the door of the hospital, went to the asphalt road. Bird walked. Early summer morning was fresh and cool, a breeze on the birds due to lack of sleep and some fever cheeks and earlobes, he recalled the elementary school hiking trip, make him slightly savor a pleasure. His skin feeling and nerve cells, are far removed from conscious control, full stretch to feel better this season, felt an inner liberation. This feeling, and gradually spread to the surface of consciousness. Birds want to see the father-in-law, you should shave, wash your face! The bird saw signs of a barber shop, they walked straight. A little on the older barber treated like general customer birds sitting on a chair.
louis vuitton bags The birds almost afraid to face, turned to sit down, face to the window sash, looking at the rush to recede behind the markets. Siren frightened pedestrians on the road, the line of people and birds just saw the group of pregnant women, curious and inexplicable look forward to watching the ambulance. Like a movie screen suddenly freeze their movements suddenly unnaturally still. This is what they saw plain everyday life moments of subtle cracks. At the same time, they also expressed a naive reverent feeling. My son, like Apollinaire wounded on the battlefield, his head bandaged. Birds think so. I am completely unfamiliar darkness on the battlefield, my son negative injury, and then he, like Apollinaire, sporting a bandage and sent a silent cry .
louis vuitton purses The bird suddenly shed tears. The Apollinaire Touchan the image of the bandage, look at the birds pure feelings. Birds feel sentimental, weak that they have to be understood, you can allow; product even out the sweetness of their own tears. My son like Apollinaire, sporting a bandage on his alone in the dark on the battlefield I am completely unfamiliar. I only like the burial of war dead, to bury my son. Bird tears flowing more than. irds sitting on the steps in front of the special children's clinic, dirty hands clinging to his knees, tears flee, drowsiness hit, stubbornly not get entangled. Bird struggling with.
michael kors Bird frankly shook his head, which means that this issue beyond his now the mind Huoshaohuoliao has the ability to judge, though he was not the kind of people we met on the bow throwing in the towel. Inhaling oxygen, but the situation seems to be not very good. Ambulancemen reported that back. The doctor quickly stood up and went to inspect the oxygen tube. At that moment, the bird is the first time to see their own children. That is a hard look at the baby, the crimson face full of wrinkles, eyes like the seam of the shell interface, the hard the whole family, stuck in the nostrils of the rubber tube children, and the shining pearl luster pink mouth, Hair silent cries. Birds can not help but lift the buttocks, explore his head, he saw a child wrapped in bandages head. Behind the bandage, bloodstains little cotton buried, obviously, is a profiled exist.
michael kors outlet Responsible for the oxygen ambulancemen says loudly: a day of work, if the beginning of the need oxygen bottles, until late at night, a day's work standards are needed oxygen bottles. Well, you always say. Members of the driver of the ambulance also said the same voice. Fake eye doctors simply ignored their idle conversation Suo, the birds are not to be touched, but he was able to understand the two ambulance who is quietly working to restore emotional. Who nodded bird red tube oxygen bottles, the ambulancemen think bird to ask what is very tense ah sound, questioning birds. The bird has quite embarrassed, said: This ambulance, on the return, regardless of traffic signals, blaring sirens go? Ambulance return? Two ambulance staff asked in unison, like a chorus of partner, they immediately closed without a word, the other red face looked at each other, laughed in spite of bursts into laughter. Stupid questions, and the ambulancemen their reaction, the bird was quite annoyed. This anger, and have continued since the dawn backlog, huge and gloomy anger context of cohesion in his heart connected. However, the two ambulance staff seems to regret and have inadvertently make fun of the unfortunate young father, pathetic Su Zhaotou.
michael kors bags Them out of the floor of the hospitalized patients, went to the hospital attached to the promenade of this Part, smoking a cigarette, and so on. The two ambulancemen join their ranks. The false eye doctor first, the ambulancemen and carrying a basket of birds Subsequently, a pedestrian along the promenade and go to the headquarters. The two Ambulancemen one driver, one is responsible for oxygen. They seem fake eye doctor immediately feel a bad mood. The two men, weekdays often pretentiously siren, simply ignore the constraints of the general good citizens traffic lights, like Jeep off-road Mercedes-Benz on the prairie, walk through the center of the metropolis. But now, that stoic believers-and rigid support their uniforms majesty has lost, look good and also weakened a lot. Birds from the back looking at the The ambulancemen pull the top of the head, that the two men much like twins; their age is not small, topping bald look very similar.
gucci outlet The ambulancemen swinging his arms like a ghost chase ass sideways sunny big wide square. During this period, false eye doctor borrow a public phone to report to his chief. The doctors are very briefly to understand the situation, because nothing new to say. Subsequently, the sound of the bird's mother-in-law on the phone. The doctor turned to the bird said: Your mother-in-law about the disposition of the child, has said, you have to pick? No, the birds do not want to take. Since last night, the telephone on several occasions, the mother's voice coming from the microphone, entangled birds uneasy. Mother-in-law's voice much like his wife, but is actually more like a small mosquito whine. But the bird finally baby bassinets on the concrete bench, a look of sadness took over the microphone and said: Tomorrow afternoon also come here for a visit, listening to the diagnosis of brain surgeon. Why? Why do I handle it? Coming from the mother-in-law, it is the most birds do not want to hear the sound.
Christian Louboutin Outlet Bird eruption of anger valve thereby closing or better to say, he felt that the blame is. Most first anti-climax as funny, I have not yourself? And that problem, not to take advantage of due to their slow sadness, lack of sleep and confused head of the machine came out of it? The bird looked at the side bassinets, and there gave him the impression tap an empty depression. The bottom of the basket, leaving only a quartet built several layers of blankets, and a bunch of gauze wrapped in cotton wool. Gauze and cotton wool dipped in blood has not faded, the birds can not remember the image of the child. He was sporting a bandage stuck in the nostrils of rubber tubing, weak adsorption of oxygen children. Even the strange shape of the child's head, the children red skin adhesion fat film, birds are not clearly and accurately remembered. Now, children are operating at full capacity away from the birds. Bird's heart, guilt stability and endless terror intersection.
The ambulancemen birds and drivers gallery opposite in the face through the window, he saw doctors and tube oxygen bottles ambulancemen crooked East West Ramp close together; an hour ago, he was looked at from that window with tears water the pedestrian street. But how the birds do not worry about the car now three people talking about themselves and their children. The mind of the bird's focus on turning a new idea, brought by the mother-in-law's phone unexpectedly free, free time alone. Birds followed the ambulance through the hospital before the football field as broad plaza, went to the middle of the square, he turned and looked up just his first son, lost babies dying on the inside that building. That is a huge building stalwart such as the Walled City. Early summer sun shine, baby I do not know in which corner of the building, Zhang pearl-like luster mouth, and makes cried; this huge building, so that the baby look like a small sand. Tomorrow, even though I come here, and child reunion, the child may trackless this Modern Walled City maze anxious, might have been away, or are dying edge. Birds think so.

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Mais connaissezvous are generally dishes birmane?

Moi, Dump tre bien franche, Je ne los angeles connaissais pas jusqu' ce qu'une lectrice qui journey souvent au Myanmar my vision conseille d'aller essayer dark red Burma, Sur le blvd SaintLaurent.

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C'est ainsi cual je my lifestyle suis retrouve dans cet tablissent ouvert depuis ls semaines seulent, Ta the dcse 'vrrle rrtrer encre minimaliste, Put ne pas dreadful plutt froid, Mais o l'accueil se 'vrrle rrtre beautiful. C'est coppied, C'est dsorganis. By prfre parler anglais et, Encore mieux, Birman. Mais promote the monde s'av'e rrtre d'une grande gentilsse.

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