The Weekday Wake Up Show

Tune in to The Weekday Wakeup Show 6am to 10am with host Erick Pauley on 92.1KFRZ. If you’re scanning the dial looking for great music, tons of call in contests, big giveaways, or just a fun personality in the mornings, The Weekday Wakeup show is for you.  Tune in for the “3-Pack Attack!!” at the top of the hour every hour for three of your favorite country music songs uninterrupted. If you’re a contest fanatic tune in at 7:45 for “Digging Up The Past Trivia”, 8:30 for a “Miche Mystery Movie” every weekday, 9:30 for the “Bottom of the Hour, Betcha’ didn’t know that TV Trivia” , and 9:45 for Music Trivia.  Maybe looking for a laugh while you’re counting the hours away at work? Erick plays a Johnny Mac’s Comedy clip every day at 7:15 and you’ll love his “That’s Just Dumb” moment of the days at the end of the show. Give Erick a call at 875-6666 or 362-6746.