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Treasurer's Office Seeks Owners of Unclaimed Funds

The state has released its annual "Wyoming Windfall" list, the catch name for the Unclaimed Property Division of the State Treasurer's Office. Funds that have been held by a company or by another state for a specified number of years and have not or cannot be paid to the owner are then placed in protective custody by the state treasurer. The Unclaimed Property Division safeguards and makes an effort to return the funds to the rightful owner, at no cost to the owner. The money can include un cashed money orders, oil and gas royalties, stocks, bonds and mutual funds. State Treasurer Mark Gordon says the average claim is less than $100, but some owners have claimed $100,000 or more. To check and see if you have a windfall due to you, go to

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Lets Talk Show January 30th : Senator John Barrasso

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Legislature Endorses Bill to Keep Public in Dark on College President Search

A legislative committee has endorsed a bill that would allow searches for University of Wyoming and state community college presidents to be closed to the public.