Pack-a-Pickup for Sweetwater County Kids this Weekend!

This Saturday, October 3rd, help out kids in need across Sweetwater County at the Pack-a-Pickup event! From 8-noon on Saturday, head to the Wal-Mart parking lot in Rock Springs to donate food items going directly to Trona Valley Backpack Meal program and the RSHS Giving Pack program.  Read more at Sweetwater Now-Link

Storm Help Board

THOSE AVAILABLE TO ASSIST: Shawn Neuer W/ crew and equipment, Granite Oil Field Services: 307-260-8154 Cathy-Clean up crew-307-371-8870 Cindy Wakefield- 307-371-1067     SEEKING ASSISTANCE: Dick and Mary Schuck- 307-871-6588 Gina Barna- 307-871-4254 Patsy Moody-307-871-0838, 4010 Terrace Lane Katherine Marie- 495 Bramwell Street-307-466-3731 Rose Bechnin- 307-371-2378 Wendy Miller- 307-871-5314 635 Adams St: 2 Seniors needing … READ MORE >